is an e-commerce platform that sells and assists in the sale of all craft products, including art materials handicrafts, jewelry, painted fabrics, and paintings. Advantages of working with us:

1. We will also display your products on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

2. In our delivery system you will be completely worry free.

3. If you order a product on the website, you will get that information through your own account on the website.

4. Only by packaging the product and giving us the information will your product be collected and delivered.

5. You will receive payment for the product within two days of delivery.

. We will promote all your products on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, which will be seen by millions of people.

. Separate money will be allocated for packaging and printing of products.

. Let us know all your advantages and disadvantages by calling our Facebook Messenger group, or our email id. And our team will take the necessary action.

9. You can also conduct business independently through your Facebook page from the time you join us. The Authority will not interfere in your business in any way.

10. If you want, you can give links to our website and products on your Facebook page.

Conditions: 1. Your product must be of good quality. 2. Only if a product is sold will we deduct its service charge for that product. (Craft, jewelery and hand paint products will be charged at 5%. Art products will be charged subject to negotiation. Paintings and sculptures will be charged at 12% if sold). 3. Let us know if any product is out of stock. If necessary, the product image will be removed from your account or declared out of stock. 4. Your customer returns the product

If you do, you will not get payment for the product, but you will get money if the product is replaced. Your business is always with you to move forward.